About Us

Meet Kim and Donna, the couple who created the Angel Auto Flagger. They have a
vision of keeping people working and directing traffic on our roadways safe and
out of harm’s way. These two have wanted to make a difference ever since the
tragic accident and death of a young woman who had been flagging for the first
time; she was struck and killed by a motorist within the first three hours of
flagging. This tragedy hit close to home for Kim and Donna as they have several
family and friends that risk their lives daily on the roads. They also had
thoughts that in the future their own grandchildren could be students filling
these summer positions.

It is very unfortunate that an opportunity to work safer comes from a tragedy. Kim and
Donna both felt there had to be a safer way for people working on the roadways.
A person required by their job to stand in the driving lane and hold a paddle
is just too dangerous.

Kim and Donna have designed the Angel Auto Flagger to remove the flag personal
from the busy roadway and still control the traffic from a safe location. This
doesn’t remove the flag person from the job site, to direct the traffic a
person is still required to operate the remote.

If a motorist speeds or is distracted while traveling through a work zone or area
that requires traffic to be redirected, the Angel Auto Flagger removes
the operator from the driving lane. Kim and Donna both feel that if a motorist
hit the Angel Auto Flagger, a life was saved and the operator had a
guardian angel watching over them.

Angel Auto Flagger “Protecting and Keeping you Safe!”

Kim and Donna Kreutzer. Guardian Auto Flagger Mfg.

Kim and Donna Kreutzer. Angel Auto Flagger Mfg